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I Am Passionate About Helping Others Overcome Past Traumatic Events So That They Can Live A More Rewarding Life.

Joy Leccese is a plucky, leading-edge baby boomer (meaning she’s older than most of you reading this). A Yankee at heart, hailing from western New York State, she is a transformational life coach, specializing in teaching and using tools of mindfulness and insight meditation for personal transformation.

She guides her clients from stuck to unstuck, from trauma to triumph; from places they’ve been moored for too long, to where they want to go, but never had the nerve to try. Joy helps people find that gutsy person within, and create a fuller, more joyful life by design, not default, with empowering results.

Joy is the proud mom of two adult children, who are the loves of her life. Her own journey from trauma to triumph fuels her passion for helping others to overcome their sometimes overwhelming stories and traumas. She walks the walk and understands what’s behind our storylines.

Giving you new insights into internal dialogues that trip you up, and strategies for helping you dismantle old beliefs that no longer serve you are two powerful means of transforming your own life.

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