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About the Gutsy Woman coach



The Mission of The Gutsy Woman Coach© is to be of service, and specifically, to engage with people over 60 who want to let go of old baggage and find more joy in their lives.  I want to help you, the reader, do wonderful things for yourself, however small or large they may be. I’m focused on helping others raise their Joy Quotient!  


Joy and gratitude are hallmarks of aging well. As we age, we all have challenges that we didn’t have when we were younger. However, we don’t need to whine and decline! We can be alive and thrive all through our golden years and make them really joyful. All of our coaching programs and classes are aimed at engagement, enjoyment, and literally raising your Joy Quotient! Browse our website list of classes and see if there are some topics that interest you. If not, and you'd like to ask us about a topic, email us at and we'll reply promptly. Welcome to a higher Joy Quotient.

Our Mission

Hi, I am Joy Leccese
a Certified Master Professional Coach.


Joy Leccese is a plucky, leading-edge baby boomer (meaning she’s older than most of you reading this). She is a transformational life coach, specializing in teaching and using tools of mindfulness and insight meditation for personal transformation. She helps her clients heal from old trauma – to get out of the muck they’ve been stuck in sometimes for years. Joy helps people find that gutsy person within, and create a fuller, more joyful life by design, not default, with a sense of personal empowerment they’ve never felt before.  


Joy is also the proud mom of two adult children, who are the loves of her life. Her own journey from trauma to triumph fuels her passion for helping others to overcome their sometimes overwhelming stories and traumas. She walks the walk and understands what’s behind our storylines. 


Joy’s clients experience not just new insights into old internal dialogues, but they learn the strategies for dismantling old beliefs that no longer serve them, empowering them to expand their experience of joy in being who they are, and living more fully, regardless of age. 


Joy’s classes are focused on Raising your Joy Quotient, and you can check out her online classes HERE.

For a complimentary consultation, or to discuss presentations or in person classes for your organization, you can email her at  

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