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When August dwindles so does the light. Ever so gradually, evening comes sooner. The next thing we know, it’s still dark when we get up, and it’s dark when we sit down to dinner. The one thing that delights more than anything about this transition is the emergence of colors everywhere.

First one tree, then another, then the whole stand along the highway is brilliant red and yellow. This is how it is every year. And yet, every year is different. The weather determines the intensity of colors, and we sometimes get dragged through Autumn wondering where the palette is. It’s all kind of gray.


So, it is with aging. Some years we’re feeling vibrant and ready to take on whatever comes our way. We’re feeling strong, capable, not too achy in the morning, and eager to get out and do the things we love - or the things we must do, whether we love them or not.

Other years, life events have dropped on our doorsteps and we’re not eager to let anyone or anything else in. Those are the times when we say “Enough already!” So here we are at the beginning of Autumn, noticing transitions from warmth to coolness, light to dark, and lemonade to hot soup. We can pause and be grateful for another summer, and lean in to the cooler breezes and crisp nights.


It’s a good time to do a personal assessment: have you done the things you wanted to do this year? Are you ahead of the game? Behind? On track? Ask yourself what year-end gift you want to give yourself, and begin doing that while you have 90 days or so to accomplish it.


Take a few minutes each day to assess, process, and access the Gutsy Woman in you. Remind yourself that she is always in there waiting to spur you on, to give you the boost you need to Get Up, Then Say Yes to what you are being called to do and be. You’ve got this!


In order to create the outcome you want to see on January 1, 2024, here’s a 1-2-3 recipe:

  1. Prioritize 15 minutes of quiet time per day for yourself. No distractions. Phones/devices silent. Notepad (digital or paper) to jot down three top things you want for yourself: these are in the form of activities - like bath time, meditation, walking, swimming, the gym - whatever rejuvenates you.

  2. Calendar them: if it’s not on the calendar it’s not a priority. Commit to that time for yourself.

  3. Use that notepad to assess how you feel after each activity, and if you were able to accomplish what you had set out to do.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

Keep it simple and allow yourself to celebrate your wins; be compassionate with yourself when you fall behind. Remember to stay in the present moment, and if you need a how-to, check out The NOAH Method© and indulge yourself.

Go Gutsy Now!

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